Conditions of Use

Please read our Terms of Use completely prior to purchasing our products. If you have any questions, plese contact us prior to purchase as we DO NOT offer refunds on digital graphic purchases. You MAY NOT share the clipart, printables, or website graphics you purchase from us in ANY form, whether it is by email, groups, or forums!! NO EXCEPTIONS!

You MAY NOT SELL the graphics you purchase from us in any form. However, you may use the artwork to create something new for personal or commercial use.We do not require a commercial license for the graphics you purchase on our website.

The graphics must be used to create something new yourself such as websets, embroidery, patterns, banners, stationary, candy wrappers etc. Artwork you create may not be mass produced, and when creating digital scrapbook kits, they must be merged / flattened onto something else. Kits created for the purpose of resale should not contain more than 50% of the collection purchased.

All artwork created with the graphics you purchase from us† must state that it was created using artwork by "original artist"† where these designs are displayed, and a link back to We have artwork created by several artists and we†want to make sure that the original artist receives credit for their work.

The copyright to all of the digital graphics you purchase from us belong to the original graphic artist.

Reseller Terms of Use

Scrappy Clipart Central is an authorized reseller of reseller for reseller clipart collections, and printables for Raggedy Scrappin, and Resale Clipart. You must be a registered reseller of Scrappy Clipart Central in order to resell our resale collections, and follow our terms of use. Our Resale collections may also be purchased for both commerical and personal use.

In our Resale Clipart section you'll find adorable clipart collections that you can sell on your website without the need of a resale license. You MUST give credit to Scrappy Clipart Central along with a link back to our site Ė in your product description along with credit back to the graphic artist who created the graphics. If you canít give credit back to our site, then you CAN NOT RESELL our resale collections. No Exceptions.

Our Resale Clipart Collections must be sold in the same manner as you receive them. You must use our preview which is included in the zip file with the clipart collection. Our Resale Clipart MAY be sold for both commercial use and personal use. Resellers can set their own price, but you may not resell any of our Resale Clipart for less that $1.00.

You must email us with your website address where youíll be selling our resale clipart sets so that we can add you to our list of resellers.

You must put our Licensed Reseller button on the front page of your website and a link back to us at:

Ressle Scrapbook